“I just want to come into work every day and not feel like I am failing my kids. I need help.” ~ KG teacher

Teacher development and retention are two of the biggest issues facing education today.  Red Apple Education partners with schools and teachers to ensure that teachers are getting the focused, supported, and self directed learning opportunities they need to prevent burning out. Our team of experienced former educators works to challenge teachers, provide accountability, and work collaboratively towards outcomes that are good for teachers as well as kids.

we believe in investment

Red Apple Education believes that investing in ongoing teacher coaching,  professional development and self directed learning is the best way to ensure the classrooms of the future are staffed with dedicated and passionate professionals. We partner with school districts to ignite the passion that brought teachers into the work in the first place.

how we partner with teachers

We believe that teachers are highly capable professionals that bring the best of what they have into the classroom daily. We work with their district and building administration where necessary to create the environment our teachers need to thrive. Using a mix of independent learning, coaching, and research based collaboration we push teachers to think out of the box and explore their core interests.

A few areas that we fund:


Teacher conferences


Action research projects


New classroom materials


Exploratory trips


Training for teacher teams


New software


what teachers are saying after working with us:

“I can be inspirational.”

“[I can] protect [my] children and cultivate their awesomeness”

“I am going to try EVERYTHING. I got a lot of parent communcation ideas.”

“I am going to continue my professional development”

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