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Red Apple Education is a full service education organization committed to helping school systems and their partners design and implement sustainable change. We find the missing pieces needed to get your greatest ideas off of the ground and into regular practice. Our team works hand in hand with partners to help them strategically use resources and achieve desired outcomes.

1. We begin with conversation.

We want to hear about you, tell you about us, and find where our skills can meet your needs.


2. We listen hard and ask questions.

Our work is a partnership. We can’t partner with you if we don’t know what matters to YOU!


3. We take a look around.

No one can give you meaningful input on a system they have not seen. We get up close to you and your people.


4. We partner with you.

We join with you to create and implement your customized large scale change initiative!


Students across multiple school districts


Teachers trained in measurable and sustainable interventions


New resources identified for partners


Change initiatives taken from idea to implementation

our team

Great strides in education have been achieved when there is a willingness of those most familiar with the programs and students to combine their intimate knowledge of the community’s unique challenges, goals and dreams, with outcome-oriented design thinking.

The more we can create structures that guide students and educators to achieving the metrics that matter, the more opportunities we will have to deliver on our promises to their parents.

Transformation begins with shifting the paradigms, and is made sustainable by innovating the details.

Dr. kia turner

Founder & Managing Director

“Our goal at Red Apple is to help school districts and education stakeholders align their planning, partnerships, and practices in the best interests of the teachers, kids, and communities.” – Dr. Kia Turner

An accomplished educator and instructor, Dr. Turner is widely recognized for her strategic planning, infrastructure design, teacher training, and professional development support. With roots in a decade of K-12 classroom instruction, new teacher development, higher education and program design, she is able to create solutions for students of a wide range of backgrounds because she herself overcame many of the challenges students and teachers are facing.

For Dr. Turner, the opportunity to leverage her insights going from a student whose mother was ashamed to join her at school debate banquets because she didn’t have nice clothes, to a highly requested performance coach and speaker, is what keeps her inspired to help districts achieve greatness.

Kristy Solis

Communications & Client Liaison

“Listening, above all else, is the key to achieving great results for clients. Without truly understanding and embracing the challenges they face, you cannot hope to create long-lasting solutions.” – Kristy Solis

Kristy has dedicated the past 20 years to working in communities. This has seen her counseling adults through problem-solving strategies related to marriage and family issues, helping build community programs, and supporting school staff. She has also thrived while providing academic and behavioral coaching to children to help their scholastic performance reach their potential.

Fluent in Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole, Kristy enjoys making learning accessible to many different backgrounds of students.

Eric Redwine

Education Fellow

“I will never forget my days working with students in the Bronx. Those kids helped shape who I became as an educator. I carry them and their stories with me still.” – Eric Redwine

With nearly 20 years in education, Eric Redwine brings a wealth of experience to the Red Apple Education team. He has been a two time founding principal, turnaround principal, instructional superintendent, and is the current head of the New York branch of the Relay Graduate School of Education. Eric believes strongly that with the right tools and protocols, all school teams can reach success.

His reputation as a leader with heart, creative problem solver, and adept trainer make him a highly sought after leadership trainer and consultant. 


dr. jennifer malone

Education Fellow

“I thrive when I support teacher and principal growth to improve student success in our most vulnerable schools. I have had to change course many times and my greatest breakthroughs have come when I have worked with teams who put in the hard work needed to bring change that few could see happening in the beginning.” – Dr. Jennifer Malone

Bringing more than 30 years of education experience including nearly 20 as an administrator, Dr. Malone brings a wealth of skill and talent to Red Apple Education. She has been a turnaround principal, principal coach, new teacher trainer, and a classroom teacher. Her passion for children in distressed communities shows in the outcomes she gets in circumstances that cause many to fail. 

Dr. Malone’s collaborative approach, experienced guidance, and ability to build momentum make her a highly respected principal and teacher trainer.

Chris perry

Data integration Fellow

“My mission is to use data to improve education systems and enhance opportunities for marginalized populations. I believe in the transformative role that education can play in our lives and I am dedicated to expanding opportunity for all students.  ” – Chris Perry

Chris began his education career as a self contained SPED teacher. His experience supporting students with emotional and behavioral disorders ignited in him a desire to see that all children had the supports they needed to thrive at school. He fueled that fire by furthering his own understanding of behavioral and mental health supports and rising to the Kansas State Department of Education as an MTSS trainer, data technician, and grant writer for teachers across the state. 

Chris’ experience supporting students’ emotional and mental health needs as well as his experience with training and data systems make him a highly sought after private data consultant.



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