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Red Apple EdCo is an education nonprofit that works to make school systems safe and healthy for kids and parents. We believe that when parents are able to show up safe and successful at school, students are able to do the same. Our team uses our research based rubric to identify gaps in school system safety and health. We then work alongside school system leaders to co-design solutions and measure results. Our results speak for themselves. Our partners have seen double digit increases in student attendance. Double digit increases in parent participation in school events. Double digit increases in positive parent contact and more.

Having spent time in school systems of all kinds, our team is experienced and understands the needs of parents and school communities. We know that student safety is intricately linked to a variety of factors and we support school systems and their stakeholders with identifying and addressing those factors in an effective and efficient way.

School safety and family health are all of our jobs. We are all in community with one another and as a result responsible for the collective whole. Red Apple EdCo works to ensure that students and families remain at the forefront of transformative school health and safety practice so that our school communities are better situated to provide the education and support kids need to go and add value to the world around them.


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“Research shows that parent engagement in schools is closely linked to better student behavior, higher academic achievement, and enhanced social skills” - CDC.GOV



“One in 14 children aged 0–17 years had a parent who reported poor mental health, and those children were more likely to have poor general health, to have a mental, emotional, or developmental disability…” - CDC.GOV



“A lack of sufficient, qualified teachers threatens students’ ability to learn..” - Economic Policy Institute

Meet Our Partners

Our program sponsors and participants have helped to change outcomes for so many students and families. Since 2019, Red Apple has not only embedded itself in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area but other states as well in an effort to bring attention to the growing need for school safety and family health. Our work is just getting started but we are grateful to our early adopters.

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    Every dollar donated to Red Apple EdCo changes lives. We are in the work right alongside our partners providing real intervention for families and better support for classroom teachers. We keep kids safe and families healthy and we couldn’t do it without your generous support. Feel free to donate here and to also check out our Sponsorship Opportunities.

    We would LOVE to welcome you to the intersection of education, health, and community!


    We would be grateful for your donation to support building parent health and community in high schools. Sponsorship opportunities are also available!

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