Who We Are

Red Apple EdCo Guiding Principles

Our Vision:

School systems invite parents of all backgrounds in every school to show up healthy, find community, add value, and work collaboratively to help children thrive in safety.

Our Mission:

We work hand in hand with school districts and their stakeholders to make schools a positive, healthy, and safe space for students and families.

We are a collective of former educators working to make education systems safer, healthier, and more family friendly. We work with our school district partners to evaluate their current practices, co-design solutions and create policies that support both classroom teachers and the families they serve. We fully believe that adult safety and emotional security sets the tone for students in any building. Our team works hand in hand with school partners, their stakeholders, and their surrounding communities to evaluate safety, leverage health partnerships, support teachers and get sustainable results.

Our Team

We are former educators from a wide range of backgrounds working to elevate the parent experience and change school system practice. We are a diverse, experienced and multilingual group. We get in the weeds and do the work alongside partner districts to create impactful changes that last.

Dr. Kia Turner

Dr. Kia Turner


Our goal at Red Apple EdCo is to make schools physically, emotionally and psychologically safe for parents as well as children. We believe that when parents are safe and healthy children will be as well. – Dr. Kia Turner

An accomplished educator and instructor, Dr. Turner is widely recognized for her strategic planning, infrastructure design, teacher training, and professional development support. With roots in a decade of K-12 classroom instruction, new teacher development, higher education and program design, she is able to create solutions for students of a wide range of backgrounds because she herself overcame many of the challenges students and teachers are facing.

For Dr. Turner, the opportunity to leverage her insights going from a student whose mother was ashamed to join her at school debate banquets because she didn’t have nice clothes, to a highly requested performance coach and speaker, is what keeps her inspired to help districts achieve greatness.

Kristy Solis

Kristy Solis


Listening, above all else, is the key to achieving great results for clients. Without truly understanding and embracing the challenges they face, you cannot hope to create long-lasting solutions. – Kristy Solis

Kristy has dedicated the past 20 years to working in communities. This has seen her counseling adults through problem-solving strategies related to marriage and family issues, helping build community programs, and supporting school staff. She has also thrived while providing academic and behavioral coaching to children to help their scholastic performance reach their potential.

Fluent in Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole, Kristy enjoys making learning accessible to many different backgrounds of students.

Our Board

  • Vena Hughes J.D. – Board Secretary
  • Yaz Kirkwood – Board Treasurer
  • Lisa Benson – Board President
  • Dr. Jennifer Malone – Board Member
  • Lucinda Biehn – Board Member
  • School system leaders should never settle for lackluster parent engagement!

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