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We understand that education at its best is a partnership between schools and families.

Getting parents to engage with schools is an issue that was not new before the pandemic but was highlighted as a result of the pandemic. We work with our partners to create school environments that invite parents to add value alongside their children. We reimagine existing school resources, provide teachers with tools they can use, and work alongside partners to create a measurable plan of action.

school system change

Changing one classroom at a time is ineffective. To truly engage parents a school system must be committed to change as a whole. Red Apple uses our unique F.A.C.E. rubric to help our school partners evaluate where they are, determine next steps, and work towards the warm and welcoming environment that helps parents to show up authentically. We know this process isn’t easy. Our coaches work hand in hand with partners to support teachers, communicate clearly and carry out change one step at a time.

relationship growth

Our ultimate goal is to work towards parent and teacher empowerment. We believe and research supports the idea that when parents are oriented and understand how to advocate for themselves and their children at school, the school system as a whole benefits. Children grow and teachers are able to show up daily and do the work they love knowing that parents will support them at home. If we want to improve student outcomes in any capacity we must begin by working directly on building better relationships with their first teachers…their parents.

A few more areas we often help with:


Teacher training and development


Program evaluation


Data analysis and planning


Resource audits and infrastructure support


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