how we help

We understand that large scale change is not only hard to design, but also difficult to implement with fidelity.

This process of making sure this plan has the best chance of success is what we love helping with. Whether assisting with new program design, evaluating current programs for effectiveness, or equipping teachers with the skills to manage classrooms and be happy longer, we look forward to being a part of reaching your goals.

school system change

Our team works with school systems and their partners to bring sustainable large scale change initiatives to life. We do this through a process that includes evaluation of current systems, developing a plan for implementation, and ultimately evaluating the efficacy of our work. Our partners have used us to support initiatives like designing and carrying out a new instructional program, creating and carrying out a plan for improved stakeholder engagement, and determining how to use technology to increase teacher efficacy to name a few.

teacher growth

Our team works directly with teachers to improve their practice. Our district partners have goals for teacher development but do not always have the capacity to provide the one to one coaching and subsequent professional development needed to reach those goals. Our team works with central office to create a variety of teacher learning experiences aligned with identified district and teacher needs.

A few more areas we often help with:


Translation support for school teams


New program design


Existing program evaluation


Student and family engagement planning and support


Resource audits and infrastructure planning and support


Strategic planning and professional development support


Diversity equity and inclusion training for school teams


Planning and implementation advising for community engagement initiatives


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